We are a group of believers who gather to worship on Sunday morning and listen to bible teaching.

We would be delighted to have you visit us on Sundays. In our meetings, we encourage all our members to be warm and welcoming. We don’t discriminate based on your past or present circumstances.

Unlike elsewhere, in our church, the main emphasis is on practical discipleship in everyday life. We believe Lord Jesus came to this earth to save us from sin, in other words, to give us a life empowered by the Holy Spirit to live pure and holy lives, having victory over all sins that we have light on. We encourage humility and in being open to receive help from others.

Many of our us come from diverse backgrounds, spanning several nationalities and continents. We believe in being a local expression of the Body of Christ, which is inclusive of all nationalities, tougues and cultures. All of us speak English.

Please refer to our “What we believe” page for more details. You can also email
gospelfellowshipcontact@gmail.com and someone will get in touch with you.